Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Prowner different from other property management software?

Prowner is specifically designed to manage the day-to-day aspects of your property be it a villa, a holiday home, chalet, cottage, flat, apartment or buy to let. It simplifies everyday management tasks. Prowner is unique by focusing on the administrative side of property management. Few other systems focus on document and inventory management along with a sophisticated booking and calendar system. Created by property owners and professionals in holiday villa lettings and rental properties; The Prowner team have built a software application with owners in mind. With Prowner, the focus is on increasing efficiency and improving communication.

How much does it cost to use Prowner?

You can try Prowner free for 30 days. After that there is an annual subscription charge. Please take a look at our pricing page for more information.

Is Prowner complicated to set up and use?

Prowner is very easy to use and users don’t require any specialist knowledge or skills. Your property or properties are at the centre of Prowner. Create your first property with the step-by-step guide, which will have you set up in minutes, whether it’s a luxury villa, country cottage, chalet or apartement. Over time build your Prowner account to contain all of your related bookings, documents and inventory. Prowner will start saving you time from day one, just by entering a few basic details. If at any point you’re having difficulties with Prowner, our support team is on hand to help to guide you through the process.

I have a small holiday cottage; can I use Prowner to manage my bookings?

It doesn’t matter what type or how many properties you own, Prowner property management software is suitable for holiday lettings, or fixed term residential lettings. You can even use Prowner to help manage the property that you live in. We have designed Prowner to be flexible for use in many scenarios to benefit property owners. All property owners need to keep track of important information. Prowner allows you to be organised and keep on top of things.

If I have multiple properties do I need to create separate accounts?

No, with a single Prowner subscription you can manage multiple properties. There is currently no limit to the amount of properties you can add. In the application you can easily switch between properties, and isolate your information relating to a particular property. You can also access global reports to show you information across all properties, such as overdue payments or upcoming bookings. Ideally suited to buy to let owners or those with larger portfolios who rent out their properties.

I am a Landlord of a few properties that I rent, can Prowner manage my portfolio?

Yes, Prowner is designed for property owners and especially landlords to manage their property portfolios. From houses, flats, apartments or buy-to-lets you will benefit from using the Prowner software

What if I take some of my bookings via an agent?

Prowner is designed to cater for multiple relationships. Whether you use an agent or take bookings directly, Prowner facilitates both methods. Prowner’s booking system is designed to appoint a lead contact for each booking; the lead contact can be either an agent or a holiday-maker.

How secure is my data on Prowner?

The Prowner team takes the security of your information seriously. Our secure servers use 128 bit encryption to ensure your information is passed safely between our servers and your screen. If you have any further questions about security please get in touch.

What’s next for Prowner?

Prowner is a property management application that has been developed over the last two years. By listening to our users and understanding their requirements, we plan to evolve and improve the core features of Prowner whilst continually developing new ones. We intend to keep productivity at the centre of our objectives and to develop a professional application that will be shaped by its subscribers.