Booking Calendar

Live property availability and booking calendar

  • Snap-shot monthly availability view
  • Access booking details
  • Split day handling
  • Public publishing option
  • Share your holiday booking calendar with multiple agents
Holiday booking calendar feature from Prowner property management software

Manage you holiday and villa rental bookings with Prowner’s calendar

Share your properties availability with multiple agents

With the booking calendar feature within Prowner’s property management software, you have full control of your properties holiday bookings. You can share your booking calendar via a public URL for publication on a website. Prowner can manage multiple calendar bookings for different properties within your property portfolio - from holiday home bookings, villa bookings, cottage bookings or chalet bookings.

Only availability is displayed publicly on the booking calendar so no private or potentially sensitive data is exposed. Our booking calendar is ideal for sharing data with multiple agents and you can even specify your own property URL.

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