Upload documents, warranties and policies to Prowners property management software

Document, Policies and Warranties

Upload your important documents and set reminders

Prowner’s property management software has the functionality to keep landlords and property owners key documents in the right room of the house, assign them to your contents and even set expiry dates on them. Ideal for policies, warranties, TV licenses and subscriptions. The documents feature provides a flexible way to keep track of important information.

As a landlord it is important to keep all your legal documentation to hand. Prowner’s document feature allows the management and storage of key information for landlords so that gas certificates, insurance policies, warranties, licences and test certificates are all available within the software at a click of a button. The property / landlord management software feature allows the landlord or property owner to have instant access whenever or wherever they are. Renewal dates can be set to remind the landlord or owner so that key documents do not expire.

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