Prowner holiday home management software centralising contractors, agents and clients


Different people, different properties, different roles

  • Centralise contact details
  • Manage property maintenance
  • Allocate roles to key people
  • Send notifications and reminders
  • Different properties, different people
  • Communicate with plumbers, gardeners and cleaners

Centralise, manage and communicate

Centralise all people involved with your properties, manage their relationships with bookings and keep them up to date with automatic notifications. Prowner’s property maintenance software feature allows you to manage your property maintenance, staff, suppliers and maintenance contractors whether you have a holiday home, a villa, a cottage or a chalet.

With this feature, property owners can upload all their relevant key staff, people, contractors and suppliers that are key, or may be required for the smooth operation of the property during a rental or booking. The Prowner property management software allows easy access to key people who are integral to your property, villa rental, holiday home, cottage, and apartment or buy to let rental – whether on a daily, weekly or emergency basis. Within the property software app owners and agents can have easy access to key people like plumbers, gardeners, electricians and any maintenance suppliers. Information can be shared and notifications and reminders sent to relevant people.

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Manage people and contacts with Prowner property management software