Prowner Subscription Pricing

August, 2019

Prowner is going premium. To better support our users and improve our service we are introducing a reasonable annual subscription fee.

Just over two years ago we made Prowner free to use. Since then a lot of new users have been curious as to how we were able to do this and whether it meant we were going to be making money through our users in some other way, like advertising or selling on their data.

We were simply happy to provider Prowner as a free product in order to build a user base and develop the platform.

Naturally as demand for Prowner increases so does the need to develop features and provide a secure and stable platform. With this in mind we took the tough decision to implement a subscription model.

We have done this with confidence that the subscription pricing represents great value and also shows a commitment to continually invest in Prowner to make sure it remains an invaluable tool for professional property owners.

Once again we can re-assure all of our users that we never have and never will abuse your data.

Take a look at our pricing page for further information and please do get in touch with our support team with any questions.