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Prowner Property Management Software for Property Owners

Whether you own a cottage, a chalet, a holiday villa or a castle, Prowner’s property management software helps you manage your property portfolio efficiently, maximising the financial benefits and minimising the demands of owning a holiday home, rental or buy to let property.

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Prowner Subscription Pricing

August, 2019

Prowner is going premium. To better support our users and improve our service we are introducing a reasonable annual subscription fee.

Prowner Dashboard Live

July, 2018

Effective property management requires an up to date view of what's on the horizon.

Dashboard Feature

June, 2018

The Prowner dashboard feature gives you a broad view of your properties upcoming events

We want your feedback

May, 2018

At Prowner we want to create a powerful and streamlined app that helps all kind of property owners.

Free Property Management Software

March, 2018

We are delighted to announce that Prowner is now completely free to use so you can manage your rental properties at no cost.

Start saving time immediately, by improving communication & productivity. Your properties are at the centre of your Prowner account where everything else revolves around them. Prowner’s features focus on centralising all of your property’s data and structuring relationships to efficiently manage all aspects of your property from holiday bookings to property maintenance. Prowner is used to manage buy to let rentals properties, flat and apartment rentals, holiday homes or holiday villas and even by property owners for their own property. Prowner property management software allows you to manage your properties efficiently online. You can share your bookings with clients and suppliers, share calendar availability, manage people from cleaners, gardeners, property maintenance contractors and agents, manage payments, manage your inventory and manage your documents such as insurance renewals, TV licences, warranties and policies.

Our property management software is offered to users in the United Kingdom, United States and Europe. Just enter a few simple details to start getting organised and enjoy the benefits.